Of Pasta and Puns

— hey, i’m chelsey. let’s get to know each other.

— hey, i’m chels.
let’s get to know each other.


I’m a graphic designer based in Calgary, AB. I am currently working as a designer for the Marketing team at Benevity, Inc. and making an impact in making Goodness (and good design!) Matter even more.

I’m a self-taught macrame maker, an amateur; to dare-I-say intermediate gardener, and full-time podcast purveyor. If you’ve got dad jokes, pithy puns, and can tie a neat clove-hitch we should probably hang because I still can (k)not get the hang of that one.

I’m always on the lookout for new collaborations or partnerships. If you have a project or would just like to chat then fee free to get in touch at hello@chelsdyer.com or follow me on any of the socials below:




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