Chelsey Dyer
— hey, i’m chels. i like design and dad jokes, macaroni and macrame.

Send Noods

Top Pun: Send Noods T-Shirt


A t-shirt design for the Cotton Bureau’s 2018 Top Pun Tournament. A March Madness style regional bracketed design tournament where designers submitted their best pun based designs and the eager denizens of Twitter voted to see who would advance into the next bracket. Only in the final bracket did shirt sales count towards votes

Out of 4 regional brackets made up of designers across North America, I came in 2nd place overall which was not too shabby, especially since the 1st place winner had their friend (who was starring in the Broadway production of Hamilton at the time) retweet their vote and design to all their followers.


Now that Cotton Bureau offers On-Demand printing to anyone who has run a successful 12 t-shirt campaign so you can get a hot, fresh nood-y design year round. Bonus! Now available in apparel for when the snow flies or when the sun is out.