Chelsey Dyer
— hey, i’m chels. i like design and dad jokes, macaroni and macrame.

Wall Mural Artwork

benevity 5th floor renovation: mural artwork & designs

This project consisted of four different wall murals for Benevity’s newly renovated floor and was a big challenge for me in not only design and illustration but project management and presenting solo to an executive team. After a process defined by executive committee meetings, the company’s brand standards and the ever daunting installation timeline it was incredibly gratifying to watch the murals be installed.

Please enjoy this quick time-lapse of a few of them being installed; set to a jaunty tune! (Volume off for a less jaunty experience.)


Unleash your capacity for Goodness

Benevity is all about the Goodness, and being good to others includes your colleagues as well as your capacity to do Good in your community. This 80’s influenced,  halftone textured piece is a little copy writing flex from yours truly. Did I listen to a good mix of hair metal and  Queen to really get that Under Pressure vibe going? Yes.



HAAAPII stands for Benevity’s Values and a reminder that each team member should strive to be: Humble, Accountable, Adaptabile, Authentic, Passionate, Innovative, and Impactful.  Fun fact: The original HAAAPII design was ultimately rejected in the late stages of the approval process while my lead was away on holiday. So, on the fly I drafted some new idea and quickly pulled two of our copywriters into a brainstorm so I could put together the working version for what would become this final art. Each letter has illustrated elements relating to Benevity’s culture, team values, goals, love of going further, faster, higher baby, and of course pie (humble or otherwise). 

imagine the impossible

Imagine the impossible and then do it. This mural invites all to find their inspiration and shoot for the stars (and beyond!) Including quotes with nods to agility, believing in oneself, and the value of team work, from figures such as Muhammad Ali, JK Rowling, and Lewis Carroll there should be a little something for all Benevity-ites to connect with and remember the skies are the limit.


Note: Both Imagine the Impossible and You Are Right Where You Belong are currently being installed. More complete images to come!


you are right where you belong

As soon as guests and team members step out of the elevators onto the 5th floor  they are greeted with the message ‘You are right where you belong’. Featuring an ‘X’ to mark the spot above ‘where you belong’, dotted pathways, mountain sides, forests and waves crashing on a shore, this mural implies that 

wherever you may work from (remote or in office!) you belong at Benevity. Fun fact: There is a small Bigfoot hidden within the trees. This was a very fun collaboration with my creative lead. 


In context: Will wrap from middle and above the elevator doors and around the walls and glass doors that lead into the rest of the floor.